Our Board of Directors

Fiducian Group Limited’s board of directors (‘the Board’) embody our core values of integrity, trust and expertise.

The Board comprises a dedicated group of renowned professional experts with deep and longstanding experience in the Australian financial services industry:

  • Robert E Bucknell

    FCA. Chairman

    Robert Bucknell has been a Chartered Accountant since 1964 and is a former Managing Partner of Horwarth & Horwarth, Chartered Accountants. He is a non-executive director of other corporations and an adviser to a range of other companies.

  • Inderjit (Indy) Singh

    CFP, BTech, MComm (Bus), ASIA, ASFA, Dip FP

    Managing Director Indy Singh has been chairman of the Trustee’s Investment Strategy Committee since 1997. He spent over eight years with one of Australia’s largest financial planning and investment management companies, where he played a key role in the development and management of its funds management and research businesses.

  • Frank Khouri

    FCPA, FTIA, JP. Non-Executive Director

    A CPA accountant for over 30 years, Frank Khouri owns and operates a successful Accounting Practice and Fiducian Financial Services Franchise in Windsor (NSW) where he is an Authorised Representative. A Registered Company Auditor for 24 years, he is also an active member of the Board’s audit committees.

  • Sam Hallab

    B.Ec, CA, GAICD, FAIST. Non-Executive Director

    Sam Hallab has over 35 years’ experience in finance and superannuation. Appointed to the Board in 2016 his expertise in accounting and as a registered company auditor is highly regarded. Sam is also a member of Fiducian’s Audit Risk and Compliance Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

In addition, each of the group’s business divisions operates under its own board of directors:

  • Fiducian Services Pty Limited

    Indy Singh (Chairman), Alan Dunne, Luke Grbin and Rahul Guha; Company Secretary: Paul Gubecka

  • Fiducian Financial Services Pty Limited

    Robby Southall (Chairman), Indy Singh, Alan Dunne, and Jai Singh; Company Secretary: Paul Gubecka

  • Fiducian Business Services Pty Ltd

    Robert Bucknell (Chairman), Jai Singh, Walter Szyszka, Robby Southall; Company Secretary: Paul Gubecka

  • Fiducian Investment Management Services Limited

    Indy Singh (Chairman), Conrad Burge, Jai Singh and Rahul Guha; Company Secretary: Paul Gubecka

  • Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited

    Drew Vaughan (Chairman), Frank Khouri, Brian Lacey, SGV Ramani, Sam Hallab and Ross Martin (GM Super) ; Company Secretary: Drew Vaughan