Fiducian platform solutions

Our approach to tailoring a platform solution for your financial planning group or practice is to firstly take the time to fully understand both the way your business operates and how your client base is segmented.

We then work with you to design a flexible customised platform solution, either through a badged solution including a white label platform, or wholesale access to our core platforms.

Lower costs for you, better service for your clients

Our platform solutions are designed around ease and efficiency, freeing you up to focus on servicing clients while we worry about execution of their plans.

Why partner with Fiducian?

Our platform solutions offer access to the latest technology including client and portfolio management tools, customised reporting and online client access.

Access the latest technology

Our focus is on ease and efficiency, giving you and your clients powerful capabilities without complexity and high costs.

Portfolio management tools

Maximise client investment outcomes and reduce business costs with our sophisticated transaction tools. Easily manage bulk transactions, access and manage SMAs or MDAs, rebalance model portfolios, dollar cost averaging and auto reinvestment for your clients.

Client and business reports

Quickly access your clients’ portfolio performance, asset allocation, taxation or an account snapshot using our suite of client reports. You can also access a wide range of customisable business reports to improve client management and business effectiveness.

Client management tools

Receive alerts, tasks and actionable insights for time-critical events so you can keep on top of client activities. Key alerts include minimum cash notifications, pending rollovers, corporate actions and maturing term deposits.

Online access for your clients

Give your clients the real-time access they expect with Fiducian’s online client portal. Here they can view holdings, performance charts, tax statements and more. Clients can have read-only access or the ability to transact and manage their cash.