Fiducian Focus Newsletter

Fiducian Focus is a quarterly newsletter for our clients. Focus contains informative news and articles to keep our clients up to date on the latest in financial planning strategies, superannuation and economic and market updates.

Focus Winter 2018

Westfield merges with Unibail-Rodamco

Stuart Cartledge, Managing Director, Phoenix Portfolios, an underlying fund manager for the Fiducian Property Securities Fund By any measure, Westfield has b...

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A lifetime’s work, a lifetime’s wealth

Most of us work hard all our lives to accumulate wealth for our families and ourselves. Many people, perhaps with a financial planner’s help, devote time and ...

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Focus Autumn 2018

We’re Here To Help You Be Super-Smart

To get the most benefit from super, there are ways of being super-smart. We’re the first to agree that superannuation can be complicated, however you have a ...

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A Trusted Partner At A Challenging Time

Thinking in advance about the final phase of our lives, or arranging aged care for our older loved ones, can be very difficult. Complex emotions come into play,...

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Focus Summer 2017

Nowra Golf & Craft Day

The Nowra Fiducian office recently ran its 16th Annual Charity Golf & Craft Day. Held at the Nowra Golf Club beside the picturesque Shoalhaven River, 40 go...

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What Every Investor Needs to Know

Compound interest has been described by Albert Einstein as: ‘The eighth wonder of the world’ Compound interest is a fundamental component of wealth creati...

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The Outlook for International Share Markets

Olivia Engel, Deputy CIO, Active Quantitative Equities, State Street Global Advisors (State Street is an underlying manager for the Fiducian International Shar...

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Focus Spring 2017

Getting Your Super On-track

The lifestyle you can afford to have in retirement will depend on how much money you can INVEST before retirement. Starting early gives you a good head start ...

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Women and Super

Did you know that more than 80% of women are currently retiring with insufficient superannuation savings to fund a comfortable lifestyle? In fact, the averag...

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Focus Winter 2017

Residential property – what could go wrong?

Stuart Cartledge, Managing Director, Phoenix Portfolios Pty Ltd, an underlying mandate manager for the Fiducian Property Securities Fund Residential property, ...

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Selling your small business – what does it mean for your tax?

You’ve built a good solid business and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your undoubted labour. So, you sell and make a capital gain – but do you have ...

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Focus Autumn 2017

Australian equities – things are not that bad

Sean Martin, Chief Investment Officer, Solaris Investment Management – an underlying manager for the Fiducian Australian Shares Fund We believe Australian eq...

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Super changes – what do they mean for me?

What concessional contributions can I make? Annual before-tax caps * You can contribute more than the annual cap if you haven’t fully used the cap before an...

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Sequencing risk – what does it mean for you?

Sequencing risk – what does it mean for you? Sequencing risk is talked about, but what does this term actually mean? FFS planner Richard Press talks wi...

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