How You or Your Loved Ones Can Access Home Care Packages?

A Home Care Package provides services that can:

  • help you to stay at home, and
  • give you choice and flexibility in the way that care and support is provided to you.

These services are available not only to elderly but also provide support to younger people with disabilities, people with medical conditions, carers and family members. There are four levels of Home Care Packages available starting from Basic Care to a High Level of Care.

The Australian Government pays most of the cost of Home Care. However, as with all aged care services, people may be asked to contribute towards the cost of Home Care if they can afford to do so.The cost of Home Care Packages can vary from one individual to another depending on the individuals’ financial situation and the services provided.

For example, an individual who is entitled to a full Age pension will be asked to pay under $10 per day. Part Age pensioners can be asked to pay up to $24 per day and self-funded individuals can be asked to pay up to $38 per day for accessing Home Care Services.

To find out more about Home Care Packages please contact your Fiducian Financial Planner.