For Operational Efficiency and Lower Costs

Financial Planning Software

We have a long history of developing innovative software tools for financial advisers, from standalone asset allocation and portfolio modelling, portfolio review tools, information portals, and our flagship software for financial planning business, FORCe software.

The power of FORCe

We can tailor our dealer software to the needs of your business, enabling differentiated, scalable and cost effective advice for your clients. Our flexible integrated adviser technology and experienced service team can help future-proof your business and power you through times of change and growth.

Fiducian offers dealer software solutions to support the following core activities for financial advisers. FORCe is a leading edge integrated dealer and financial planning software platform providing financial planning businesses with a core CRM solution with fully integrated modelling and reporting tools.

1. Provision of advice

Our software supports the provision of cost effective, scalable advice, enabling you to add value and maximise client opportunities.

Efficiency, convenience

You’ll be able to deliver and manage all your advice propositions in one place, meaning you can provide advice and respond quickly wherever you are. Everything from fact finding to execution is faster and more efficient.

You can illustrate the benefits of your advice visually and get your recommendations into effect faster and more efficiently.

  • Flexible and modular to fit your business
  • Supports all advice types and delivery methods
  • Full suite of powerful advice tools
  • Easy to access wherever you are, on any device
  • Attractive, user-friendly interface
  • Automatic compliance updates protect against risk and ensure you have the latest information to hand
  • Fully hosted and supported.

A better client experience

Today’s clients expect engaging digital and face-to-face elements. FORCe lets you deliver scaled, multi-channel advice across all your channels for an exceptional client experience.

2. CRM

Knowing your clients and delivering great service that consistently meets their expectations is easier when you have a single shared view of your client information and activities.

  • Complete client relationship management solution
  • All the tools you need to securely manage client data
  • Highly configurable to your business’s needs and your brand
  • Fully hosted and supported with unlimited document storage
  • Full task, activity and diary management
  • Digital marketing campaign management
  • Live portfolio updates
  • Secure client access

Complete CRM functionality with a single software system gives you a better understanding of your clients and helps you identify more advice opportunities.

A full range of client engagement tools enable you to deliver an integrated, multi-channel service that’s not only fast and efficient, but available on-demand and in real-time from any device.

  • Easy access to client data: filter information and perform complex searches to get the information you need.
  • Secure client access: provide your clients with secure, real-time access to their portfolio, other financial data and self-guided features
  • Make it your own: deliver your own brand experience and integrate your own content into a branded interface across your advice channels.

3. Portfolio Management

Whether your clients’ portfolios are simple or sophisticated, managing them is easier and more efficient when you can do it all in one place.

  • A complete system to suit all levels of portfolio complexity
  • Quickly report on your clients’ portfolios
  • Create model portfolios
  • Tailor how you want to present information to the client
  • Automated data feeds
  • Monitor, manage and trade on client portfolios directly and in real-time
  • Offer clients secure online access to their portfolio and real-time information
  • Fully hosted and supported.

The portfolio management functionality within our software solutions gives you everything you need to manage your clients’ portfolios effortlessly. With real-time data both you and your clients can access, you’re always up to date while the impressive visual modelling tools ensure you’re always adding value by delivering the best outcomes for your clients.

  • Provide great advice: construct, review, analyse, configure and maintain simple or sophisticated investment portfolios with powerful tools to help decision-making.
  • Reduce your workload: make portfolio review, valuations and reporting seamless and efficient with real-time price updates, portfolio analytics and rick reporting functions.
  • Empower your clients: using client online access, your clients can access real-time portfolio information any time they need to, enhancing your service proposition.

4. Practice Management

With smart practice management functionality and tools, you can effectively manage every aspect of your advice firm.

  • Smart practice management and revenue management tools
  • Highly configurable, scalable and flexible – evolves as you do
  • Automated workflows for improved efficiency
  • User friendly interface for everyone in your business
  • Access everywhere and on any device
  • Streamlines processes to boost your bottom line
  • Fully hosted and supported.

A fully integrated and flexible solution supports your client engagement, workflow, staff, revenue management and reporting, and regulatory compliance, while automating tasks to save you time and money.

  • Automate workflows: make your business more efficient and more profitable by streamlining processes and automatically assigning, tracking and completing tasks.
  • Grow your business: manage your sales pipeline, set client alerts, build and manage marketing campaigns and deliver your own brand experience.
  • Take better control track every part of your business and keep on top of everything with a single dashboard view of your business and clients.