Reaping the rewards

Planning Retirement

Congratulations! If you’re someone who consulted a financial adviser many years ago and put a long-term wealth creation and protection plan in place, retirement is when you reap the benefits.

Retirement planning

Something for everyone

Even if you’re nearing retirement and haven’t consulted a financial adviser before, there is still a huge amount of help and advice you can benefit from.

For most of us, the big questions around our retirement will include:

  • When can I get my hands on my super? Should I take it as a lump sum?
  • How much income will I need to live on?
  • How big a super balance will I need to provide that income, allowing for other investments I have?
  • What are pensions and annuities, and which is best for me?
  • How long might my money need to last?
  • Will I qualify for the age pension?
  • What if I want to keep working part-time?
Retirement planning

How much is enough?

At Fiducian, we prefer to take a personalised approach with our clients. We work with you to analyse your personal financial and lifestyle circumstances and goals, and estimate figures that are specific to you for both your required annual income and retirement lump sum.

Planning retirement

Your trusted partner in retirement

The superannuation and retirement financial landscape is complicated and ever changing. You’ll have multiple options and important decisions to make.

Aside from the purely financial elements like super, pensions and investments, there are many lifestyle and emotional sides to retirement and the later phases of life that can have financial ramifications.

Below are just a few of the other big decisions and issues you’re likely to face when planning this stage of life. They range from setting up your finances to enjoy your retirement to making sure you don’t become a burden on your loved ones in your later years. Your Fiducian financial adviser has the experience and expertise to help with any or all of them.

Planning retirement

Making the right decisions

Your income and savings Icon

Your income and savings

  • How to draw down your super – pensions, annuities and income streams
  • Transitioning to retirement – working part time and building up your super
  • What tax do you pay in retirement?
  • Adjusting your investments to suit your changing time frame and risk profile
  • Getting the most out of Centrelink and other government benefits
  • Will your savings last as long as you will?
  • Reverse mortgages and the family home
Family, health and lifestyle Icon

Family, health and lifestyle

  • Should you sell the family home and downsize?
  • Tree change or sea change
  • Helping the kids or grandkids with weddings, school fees, house deposits
  • Aged care planning and retirement living (for you, and any elderly parents)
  • Separation or loss of a partner
  • Retiring overseas – tax and residency issues
  • Medical bills, the impact of serious illness or disability
Leaving a legacy Icon

Leaving a legacy

  • Estate planning – wills, powers of attorney
  • Leaving an inheritance to family members and/or to charity

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