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You have worked hard and brought professional, technical or management skills to a business and along the way created wealth for yourself and your family. You have net investible assets exceeding $20 million and are seeking a personal financial planning relationship manager to take care of your financial affairs.

An Expert strategy for you

While you have sufficient wealth to lead a comfortable lifestyle in retirement or wish to invest your wealth and continue working, you understand that managing a business requires different skills to managing investments and that there are other matters such as tax, estate planning, accounting, legal, inter-generational wealth transfers and family matters that need attending to constantly.

You appreciate that a more business-like approach to looking after your wealth and personal affairs is important to you and that these services are to be provided by professionals who have the training and expertise to provide them.

An Expert strategy for you

1. Financial Planning

Your Financial Planning Relationship Manager will manage all your financial planning needs, and will coordinate the respective legal, accounting and investment advisors as required in the overall management of your portfolio.

This holistic suite of managed financial services will create a road-map of your current and future lifestyle objectives through a comprehensive financial plan and includes an understanding of your health and that of important family members.

At the end of 6 months, your financial adviser shall arrange a meeting to review how you are tracking with your financial plan, approach other experts for information if you want advice on legal, tax or other specific matters and if required, arrange separate meetings for you with these experts. You may also have the opportunity to meet a Fiducian fund manager from the investment team who can be present at the bi-annual review meetings.

3. Tax and Accounting

An assessment of your current tax position and accounts is to be made to ensure that you have the correct structures in place and that your financial affairs are up to date. We can liaise with your current accountant on a regular basis, in particular prior to a meeting to review you portfolio, or if you don’t have an accountant, we can introduce suitable professionally qualified accountants for you to select from.

This service will ensure that your:

  • Your tax payments are minimised within the ambit of structures legally approved by the Australian Tax Office
  • Distributions to family members or charities as advised by you are captured annually
  • Details of your assets and their movements (Buys and Sells) are advised to the accountant in time for tax planning
  • Your private direct investments are properly valued and maintained

4. Investment

The investment services offered through the Private Client Service enables you to have a significant involvement with the development of investment strategies that achieve your short and long-term investment goals. Your financial adviser will liaise with experienced fund managers and arrange a face to face meeting twice a year. The service provided will be to:

  • Review your current investment portfolio
  • Structure a new portfolio tailored to your specific instructions and needs
  • Select those asset sectors and managed investment schemes that have a high likelihood of success in achieving your investment goals
  • Provide strategic asset allocation for your investment portfolio
  • Provide ongoing tactical asset allocation to your portfolio
  • Provide a monthly economic report, quarterly Investment strategy paper outlining relevant changes to your portfolio and geopolitical information of interest to investors.
  • Provide an administration service. Investors with over $15 million pay no administration fees and only pay fees to the custodian for safekeeping of your assets.
  • Provide online reporting of the assets you hold, your account balance and even the listed securities you hold anywhere in the world
  • Online reporting that helps you track the performance of your portfolio
  • Assurance that your investments have appropriate governance and have been through a documented selection process
  • Two bi-annual meetings with a member of the Fiducian investment team to understand the economic environment, investment performance, investment changes and tactical decisions made

About Fiducian Investment Management Service Limited (FIMS)

FIMS is a subsidiary of Fiducian Group Limited a company established in 1996 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2000. It has offered investment management solutions through its Manage the Manager system and managed share portfolios as well as Financial Planning and advice since 1997. A pioneer in WealthTech, Fiducian develops its own IT systems for client administration and financial planning. They are leading edge reporting, administration and strategy development tools that are stable and deliver significant efficiencies to users.

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