Big dreams, big decisions

Retirement Advice

The years leading up to retirement can be some of the most exciting of your life. If you have children, chances are they’re old enough to be independent – even if they haven’t yet moved out of home. It’s a time when you can refocus more on yourself and think about transitioning out of full-time work and into the next phase of your life.

Retirement advice

Your retirement, your plan

There’s a lot to think about. Will you make major changes like moving out of the city, or starting a small business, or going back to university? Are you looking to enjoy a better work-life balance and a slower pace of life? Do you have plans to see the world or just see more of the grandkids?

Whatever you plan to do, you’ll need the money to do it, and for as long as you need it. There are many important decisions you need to make.

Find a Financial Adviser near you

Find a Financial Adviser near you
Retirement advice

Turning dreams into reality

This is where a financial adviser can help to simplify the process, guide you through your options and lay out a plan to start turning your retirement dreams into reality.

They can help you:

Accumulate enough wealth to give you the retirement income you need, for as long as you need it

Adjust your insurance protection plan to suit your changed circumstances

Understand what aged pension and other Centrelink benefits you may be entitled to

Decide the best way to convert your superannuation and other assets into an income stream to fund your retirement years

Adjust your investment risk profile – perhaps to focus more on capital preservation

Minimise your debt

Put a plan in place for aged care - for yourself or any elderly family members

Prepare an estate management plan - and manage any tax implications