Simplicity, control and convenience

The range, variety and investment philosophy of our Fiducian investment funds allows our clients, whether new to investing or highly experienced, turn their hard-earning savings into accumulated wealth to achieve their long-term goals.

An investment portfolio, whether big or small, needs monitoring and administration: tax reporting, performance analysis, transaction records of investments, dividends and withdrawals. For investors with multiple separate share holdings and managed funds, this can mean a lot of paperwork chasing, especially at tax time. In addition, it can be difficult to get an overall picture of the collective performance of your portfolio.

The Fiducian Investment Service takes all these headaches away, and has many other benefits besides. It’s a streamlined process that lets you and your financial planner manage all your investments through a centralised portal, and access consolidated reporting.

Benefits of the Fiducian Investment Service

One of the main advantages of investing through Fiducian is the consolidation of assets for your reporting. You receive:

Further benefits include:

What investment choices does the Fiducian Investment Service offer?

You’re not restricted to only investing in the Fiducian Investment Funds if you want to take advantage of the Fiducian Investment Service. A wide range of funds and investment options are available:

  • Over 28 managed funds options from over 18 investment managers, including renowned fund managers such as BT, Platinum and Colonial First State

14 Fiducian funds managed through our proven Manage the Manager system

  • Including diversified, sector and specialist funds

Managed share and listed property securities portfolios

  • - fully researched and managed for you
  • - Fixed interest securities and term deposits
  • - Margin lending facility

How does the service work?

The Fiducian Investment Service is only available to you through a licensed financial planner. At Fiducian, we believe in the value of ongoing financial advice and strongly recommend that you keep in regular contact with your financial planner.

Investing in the Service is different from investing directly

Who can use the Fiducian Investment Service?

As well as personal investor clients, the service is also available to joint investors, companies, partnerships, trusts and self-managed super funds.

Need more information?

The links below provide more details about the investment menu, how the Fiducian Investment Service works.

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