What’s on your bucket list?

Setting Goals

Having exciting things to look forward to motivates us and keeps us focused, even when times are difficult.

Having clear goals and clearly laid out plans helps us to be smarter investors and tailor our strategies according to the various things we want to achieve in life.

Setting goals

Can you reach your goals sooner?

If you’re saving and investing money regularly as part of a plan to achieve a future goal, there are broadly two ways in which you might reach that financial goal sooner.

The first is to simply increase your savings rate and invest more money each month. For example, if you have received a pay rise you could increase your savings rate accordingly. Alternatively, if you have gained a financial windfall such as a tax rebate, you could invest that as a lump sum.

The other option is to alter your investment strategy and put more money into higher-growth investments in expectation of generating higher returns. However, this may involve taking on more investment risk.

Read the latest performance report

Read the latest performance report