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    Fiducian Financial Services Pty Ltd is licensed to provide you with financial planning services, which include advising, and dealing in the following financial products and services.

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    Cameron is an Authorised Representative of Fiducian Financial Services Pty Ltd and is licensed to provide you with financial planning services, which include advising, and dealing in the following financial products:

    • Retirement Planning;
    • Budget and Cashflow Planning;
    • Centrelink Benefits, other Government Benefits and Aged Care Assistance;
    • Salary Packaging;
    • Personal Superannuation;
    • Employer Superannuation;
    • Investments and Savings Plans;
    • Debentures and Government Bonds;
    • Deposit and Payment Products;
    • Estate Planning;
    • Securities;
    • Life Risk Insurance within Superannuation;
    • Credit assistance and Debt Management;
    • Gearing and Margin Lending.

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  • About Cameron Darrow AFP®

    Cameron entered the financial planning industry in 2001 following a successful 20 year career as an officer in the Australian Army. Cameron specialises in providing advice on military and public service superannuation schemes. He also advises on wealth creation, retirement planning, redundancy management and salary packaging strategies. Cameron won Fiducian’s National Financial Planner of the Year Award on seven occasions (most recently in 2017) and is the only multiple award recipient. Cameron was selected in the one-off ‘Wealth Professional Top 50 Advisers’ in Australia in 2012. He has also been appointed to the Fiducian Planners’ Council for two rotations (including a year as chairman). Cameron is a regular speaker at financial planning conferences.

    Cameron has a keen interest in ‘socially responsible investing’ and was instrumental in the establishment of the Fiducian Diversified Social Aspirations Fund. Cameron also lay the conceptual ground work for the Fiducian Ultra Growth Fund which has become amongst the very highest performing funds of its type in Australia. He also specialises in advising boards of a range of not-for-profit organisations on the effective management of their investment capital.

    Cameron is a member of the Financial Planning Association and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

    Cameron holds the following professional qualifications:

    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
    • Graduate Diploma of Information Systems
    • Master of Defence Studies
    • Master of Science in Management

    Cameron is licensed to provide his clients with a range of financial planning services, including:

    • ComSuper Schemes (CSS, PSS, DFRDB & MSBS)
    • Not-for-profit Trust Fund Management and Advice
    • Redundancy Planning
    • Superannuation
    • Wealth Creation
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Salary Packaging
    • Investments and Savings Plans
    • Credit Assistance and Debt Management
  • What clients are saying

    Fiducian Financial Planners believe that quality financial advice can significantly improve the current position of most individuals and that the relationship between a client and their Financial Planner is a key ingredient in achieving that goal.

    A professional relationship built on trust, advice, support and re-assurance can be the corner stone for developing and maintaining a financial plan perfect for you and your family.

    We are naturally delighted to hear from many Fiducian clients who are very satisfied with the service they have received from their Fiducian Financial Planner and who are happy to recommend their Fiducian Financial Planner.

    Commander Jonathan David Sadleir

    “Mr. Darrow has been my family’s financial advisor for in excess of three years. During that time he has displayed the utmost in professionalism and attention to detail to our financial affairs. I am an operational Naval Officer who spends a great time away either abroad or at sea and at all times he can be relied upon to maintain my portfolio in accordance with my intent….often with limited access to me. Furthermore, he performed admirably through the crisis moments of the GFC which I know took a toll on him physically. It was not an easy time and he pulled people through it in a very dedicated and personal way.

    What is particularly impressive, beyond the robustness of his advice, is the consistently thorough manner in which he prosecutes even the smallest of questions. His attention to detail and responsiveness has been faultless. I have no doubt that I am demanding customer, regardless he never fails to achieve the endstate and normally does it with a good deal of humour.

    I realise that he runs a private practice that is licensed (endorsed) through you. However, you clearly have an asset in Cameron. He is a well respected individual who very effectively manages the difficult clientele that characterise military officers. He is providing exactly what one hopes from a financial advisor but rarely gets…providing peace of mind built on a platform of integrity, customer service and most of all trust.”

    Janette Ryan

    “Fiducian’s Cameron Darrow has provided excellent financial advice to my family since 2004. Over that time, Cameron has proven himself to be a person of the utmost integrity. He is an acute listener who responds intelligently to his clients’ specific financial needs; an expert in the financial services industry; and a delightful person who can be trusted completely to pursue his clients’ best financial interests in accordance with their personal risk preferences. Cameron is a rare “find” in an industry that can make many people nervous, and I strongly recommend him to all.”

    Dr Tim Macnaught

    “In Cameron Darrow at Fiducian my wife and I have a highly intelligent, quick-processing and well informed adviser who is flexible and sensitive to our immediate and long-term needs, and thoroughly conversant with the public service and policy world. Cameron regularly monitors and adjusts our portfolio from time to time after detailed consultations and advice, and his follow-up documentation and records of advice are lucid and meticulous. But best of all he has steered us through the GFC and other vagaries of the market with minimal pain. As a result we can look forward to a much more comfortable retirement than we thought possible, knowing our finances are in good shape and in good hands. If you want the best, look no further!”

    Phil & Jill Maurer

    “Cameron has been our financial advisor for nine years, including the last seven years while we have been in retirement. He is extremely personable and has the ability to explain complex financial matters in a way that is easy for us to understand (which in our case is no mean feat!). Most importantly however, his continuous monitoring and astute and timely advice has ensured that our financial portfolio has always strongly out-performed the Markets. We have full confidence that with Cameron as our advisor, we will remain ‘one step ahead of the game’ which is precisely where we want to be positioned, especially in these turbulent financial times. Thanks to Cameron, our financial well-being (and consequently our lifestyle) is better now than it ever has been. We can’t thank him enough!”

    L Lyons PSM
    Nicholls, ACT

    “In early 2004, when finalising my retirement plan; Peter Leeson at Fiducian Financial Services Deakin was the most frequently recommended choice for a financial planner. That decision made; it was somewhat disturbing to my wife and I to learn at our first interview, Peter himself was close to retiring and that he was recommending Cameron Darrow to be our financial advisor. That recommendation was accepted and, in good times, and during the GFC, we have never regretted that decision.

    Cameron has an exemplary ability to relate to his clients in both a personal and professional manner. His financial advice has proven insightful and productive. His regular updates on international and local issues that may affect our superannuation portfolios are easily digestible, despite us having a limited understanding of the world of finance. When Peter Leeson handed us over to Cameron back in late 2004, we were dealt a good deal.“

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