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The Fiducian Superannuation Service is a streamlined superannuation master trust designed to help you build and manage your wealth before and after retirement. Its flexible structure allows you to implement the investment strategies that suit your risk requirements, investment time frame and growth and income needs.

The Fund is a public offer superannuation fund, regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, with a corporate trustee, Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited, whose Directors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Trustee Board.

The Fund offers a wide range of superannuation investments to cater for all types of investors, from the young person starting out in their first job, to those building wealth, contemplating retirement or already retired.

You can simply ask your employer to direct your ongoing compulsory employer contributions (and any contributions you make yourself) into your Fiducian account.

You also have a range of insurance options to choose from, providing you and your family with additional financial security.

To access the Fiducian Superannuation Service, you should seek the advice of a financial planner.


How does the Fiducian Superannuation Service work?

As an investor within the Fiducian Superannuation Service, you’ll have access to an online reporting system Fiducian Online that is readily accessible, comprehensive and easy to use. This allows you to keep track of your investments as regularly as you like.

Your Financial Planner could also transact on your behalf.


Features and benefits of the Fiducian Superannuation Service

  • - Manage all your super investments in one location
  • - You and your Financial Planner can tailor a strategy to suit your exact needs
  • - Cost savings on investment and other fees
  • - A wide range of investment options
  • - 24/7 online access and consolidated reporting
  • - Multiple insurance options
  • - Income options including high interest cash account and term deposits
  • - Account-based pension and term allocated pension portfolios to receive regular tax-effective retirement income

What investment options are available?

The Trustee carefully researches and selects a team of specialist managers according to stringent criteria to support overall performance and investment diversification.


The investment menu comprises:


  • - Over 35 managed funds options from over 18 investment managers, including renowned experts such as BT, Platinum and Colonial First State
  • - Access to 14 Fiducian Funds managed through our proven Manage the Manager System
  • - Managed share and listed property securities portfolios fully researched and managed for you
  • - Fixed interest securities and term deposits.

The information on the Fiducian website is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest. Any advice is general in nature and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. You should consult your Financial Planner for advice and consider the disclosure document for each product before making investment decisions.


Fiducian Services Pty Limited ABN 41 602 437 892 on behalf of Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited RSE L0001144, and Fiducian Investment Management Services Limited AFSL 468211

Need more information?

The links below provide more details about the investment menu, how the Fiducian Superannuation Service works, and about super generally.

Of course, your Financial Planner is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fiducian Superannuation Service – Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Additional Information Booklet

Investment Booklet


Fund governance

The Fiducian Superannuation Service is a public offer superannuation fund regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, with a corporate trustee, Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited.

Learn more about governance of the Fiducian Superannuation Service