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Fiducian Superannuation

Personal superannuation, often referred to as ‘super’, is a tax effective way of saving money while you’re working so you can benefit from a regular income in retirement. For most of us, we’ll spend more than 20 years in retirement. Taking control of your super now while you’re working could mean a more enjoyable and rewarding retirement.

The importance of super

For most Australians, superannuation will represent one of their most valuable investments after their own home. Superannuation is your nest egg for the future, and whilst for some, retirement may seem a long time away, there are some simple steps you can take to gain and maintain control of your super to ensure you generate the most benefit for your golden years.

Transfer your super into one fund

Many of us will work for different employers over the course of our working life that could result in having separate superannuation accounts.

Having multiple accounts could mean paying more in account fees than necessary, and those extra fees could have been put to savings in the one fund.

So, firstly identify all your superannuation accounts and then transfer or consolidate them into a single fund. You’ll be saving on fees, your retirement monies will be higher and you’ll easily be able to keep track of your super balance.

Before consolidating, speak to your financial adviser.

The Fiducian Superannuation Service

The Fiducian Superannuation Service is a streamlined superannuation master trust designed to help you build and manage your wealth before and after retirement. Its flexible structure allows you to implement the investment strategies that suit your risk requirements, investment time frame and growth and income needs

Its many features and benefits include:

  • Manage all your super investments in one location
  • Cost savings on investment and other fees
  • 24/7 online access and consolidated reporting

Who is the Fiducian Superannuation Service designed for?

With a broad and varied investment menu, it suits all types of investors from novice to highly experienced, and from people early in their working lives right through to those transitioning into or already in retirement.

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