Put your money to work

Accelerate Your Wealth

Wealth creation is at the heart of every sound financial plan. You work hard for your money, and so your money should work hard for you. This applies even if you’re starting small – you don’t need thousands of dollars to start an investment savings plan, and neither does investing involve paying a lot in fees.

Accelerate your wealth

It's about more than creating wealth

The aim is not wealth creation for its own sake. Accumulating assets by saving and investing is about securing a future for your loved ones, achieving your lifestyle goals, and fulfilling your dreams.

Getting your money working harder means understanding investing and the pros and cons of the myriad of different options. Shares? Managed funds? Property? Should you put more in your super, or more into non-super investments?

Your Fiducian financial adviser will help you answer these questions and more, and build a wealth creation strategy around the following key steps.


Setting your goals

  • Short-term – such as saving for a new car or overseas holiday within the next 1-2 years
  • Medium-term – such as saving to fund a house renovation or start a business within 2-5 years
  • Long-term – such as a retirement sea change or paying for your children’s education.
Setting your goals
Step 2

Establishing your attitude to risk

Defining how you feel about risk is a critical part of the investment process. Risk is the likelihood of your investment experiencing fluctuating returns over time (called ‘volatility’), including the possibility of negative returns – in other words, of losing money.

Sometimes called the risk-return trade off, investors have to weigh up their reluctance to accept risk with the fact that riskier investments tend to generate higher returns over time, albeit with some difficulties along the way.

Another key component of the risk-return equation is time. Generally speaking, the longer your investment timeframe, the more risk you might take on, since you have more time to ride out the fluctuations in your overall investment performance.

Establishing your attitude to risk
Step 3

Choosing the right investments

Fiducian’s range of superannuation and investment fund options cater for the needs and profile of most investors, whether they be looking for diversified, sector specific, specialist or a combination of investment solutions.

Fiducian’s investment choices are fully assessed and researched to ensure they meet our clients’ needs and risk profiles, no matter how aggressive or conservative they are.

Our focus on building solutions for our clients means that whatever your investment requirements, Fiducian is able to assist.

Choosing the right investments

Already an experienced investor?

Many of our clients are experienced investors looking for non-traditional routes to accelerate their wealth or reach their goals sooner. Some might have felt they were treading water and have wanted to explore new investment opportunities or take on more risk.

Your financial adviser, backed by Fiducian’s in-house technical services and investment experts, can advise on the right investment strategy to meet your lifestyle and financial goals.

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