How to invest in the Fiducian Funds

If you’re considering investing with Fiducian, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

How to invest

Personal investors

The Fiducian Funds range of wholesale investment funds are available to investors through master trust, investor directed portfolio services (IDPS) and wrap account superannuation and investment platforms. The full range of Fiducian Funds are available through:

Fiducian Superannuation Service | Fiducian Investment Service

Have a chat with your financial adviser to learn more about investing with Fiducian.

Financial advisers Icon

Financial advisers

To find out which funds are available in your chosen platform or if you have any other queries about how Fiducian can help you and your clients please call Jai Singh, Manager Business Development and Distribution, on 02 8298 4600.

Wholesale investors Icon

Wholesale investors

The Fiducian India Fund is available to wholesale investors directly for investments of over $250,000 per investment. Please give our investment management team a call on 02 8298 4600 if you’d like to learn more or have any queries.

Read the latest performance report

Read the latest performance report