Investment performance of Fiducian Funds

These funds offer investors a diversified range of Australian and global funds, which benefit from our proven, Manage the Manager System

Latest Returns to 31 January 2019

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Fund Name3 months6 months1 year2 years p.a.3 years p.a.4 years p.a.5 years p.a.7 years p.a.10 years p.a.
Fiducian Australian Smaller Co Shares Fund-1.44%-7.81%-4.44%3.98%6.64%9.05%9.01%11.68%14.27%
Fiducian Australian Shares Fund-0.76%-8.60%-2.14%6.25%9.26%6.87%7.90%9.36%9.48%
Fiducian Balanced Fund0.46%-3.81%0.63%6.73%7.70%6.11%7.79%9.41%8.77%
Fiducian Capital Safe Fund0.36%0.78%1.60%1.69%1.80%1.87%2.00%2.53%3.23%
Fiducian Capital Stable Fund0.98%-0.79%1.82%4.27%4.55%3.79%5.03%5.97%6.07%
Fiducian Diversified Social Aspirations Fund-0.49%-3.69%2.64%6.70%
Fiducian Geared Australian Shares Fund-0.46%-11.12%-4.07%6.04%11.66%6.50%8.50%12.00%10.94%
Fiducian Global Sm Co & Emerging Mkts Fund0.33%-6.46%-4.90%6.99%9.45%5.99%8.52%10.57%8.80%
Fiducian Growth Fund0.24%-4.70%0.23%7.42%8.54%6.73%8.56%10.41%9.52%
Fiducian India Fund11.78%-12.05%-15.78%4.75%7.52%2.87%17.26%16.15%12.15%
Fiducian International Shares Fund-1.00%-5.20%-1.32%10.26%10.48%7.90%10.33%14.02%10.37%
Fiducian Property Securities Fund6.13%4.03%10.57%10.49%9.36%8.99%13.54%14.75%13.56%
Fiducian Technology Fund4.02%-1.95%5.33%15.45%15.92%14.23%16.90%22.96%15.90%
Fiducian Ultra Growth Fund20.32%-5.78%-2.64%6.46%8.46%8.18%9.76%9.54%11.82%
Rates less than one year are effective rates. Rates over one year are annualised.
Rates are net of investment management fees and are not adjusted for tax.


1: Fund commenced August 2007. 2: Fund commenced November 2008.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance and the Fiducian Group does not guarantee the performance of the Funds or any specific rate of return. The information provided here is general in nature. It does not purport to be advice and should not be relied on as such.